Synchronized Skating

Skaters can participate in synchronized skating at several levels from beginner to adult. Synchronized skating is a great way to improve stroking skills and develops great team spirit!

Skaters will have to tryout to be on these teams plus meet age and skating standards.  

Synchronized skating is ideal for skaters interested in a team activity.  Basic manoeuvers, formations and transitions are taught in a team atmosphere.  There are recreational and competitive opportunities for skaters who master the fundamental skills of synchro skating.

A Brief History of Synchronized Skating in Newfoundland and Labrador Section

We are honoured to be the home Section to the lady who was not only instrumental on the National Board, but chaired and championed the committee that established the framework for this discipline to be formally added to Skate Canada programming. She was Elizabeth Swan, and the discipline was then called "precision" skating and our organization was known as CSFA. More information about the role Elizabeth played, her skating volunteering, and the on-going legacy her family bequeathed can be viewed at

The first competition in Newfoundland and Labrador was held at Elizabeth's home club, Flying Blades in Clarenville, in 1982. Thus began a new skating tradition that has grown by leaps and bounds!

In 1998 the name changed to "synchronized", to enable ease of translation internationally. In 2000 the Festival stream was created, separating competitive teams from recreational, however, in 2009-10 the two streams will be again together and the number of categories grows to 12. On average since 1982 there have been 20-25 teams in our Section from every Island Region: highest being in 2006 - 31 teams with 403 skaters!

Synchro is a great benefit to any Club: it keeps skaters in the Club longer than they might have in their individual skating, Club spirit soars, and these skaters (and their parents) become the backbone of valued volunteers of the future. The skaters grow and develop their on-ice and 'people' skills together in cooperation of the common goal, and lifelong friendships are formed. Synchronized team skating provides skaters the experience of success, working together as a team in a warm and supportive atmosphere. There are travel opportunities, and pride in one's Club, Region and community by representing all through the team. All levels of Synchro skaters, coaches, and managers together form a tight and close-knit 'team'. Often a team has its own very special traditions, mascots, cheers, and off-ice warm-up routines, all of which helps gel the group and cement the team bonds! The team also has the loudest, wildest, and most enthusiastic fans!

A true team sport that rewards speed, synchronization of movements, precision in keeping time with the music, good edges, and intricate elements - all choreographed with exciting and innovative movements! Exciting to be part of - exciting to watch! 







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