Choosing the right program for your child

If your skater is not able to get up and down on their own and get around the ice in some fashion (shuffle or walk) unassisted, then please register for the Pre-CanSkate program. The Pre-CanSkate program is slower pace and allows for small groups to work together. In the first few weeks the skaters may spend a lot of time sitting on the ice as we work to get everyone up and moving, but generally after 2-3 sessions you will see progress.

If you chose to put your child in the CanSkate program and they are not able to move around unassisted please know the structure of the program is faster paced and requires constant movement from start to finish so a skater that is not able to get around in some fashion on their own can become very overwhelmed and have a very bad experience. We do not have the resources for one on one attention in any program so choosing the right program certainly helps the success of your child. 

Q. How old should my child be to start Pre-CanSkate?

A. The Pre-CanSkate program is recommended for beginners that are at least 3 1/2 years as of July 1st.  Children do not need any skating experience but should be comfortable going out on the ice by themselves and following directions from the Coaches.  Parents are not permitted on the ice with children during the sessions.

Q. My child has never worn skates before or been on the ice.  Are they able to participate in the program?

A. Yes.  There are qualified Coaches and Program Assistants on the ice that will help your child.  During the first few weeks your skater may spend a lot of time sitting on the ice but you should see progress within the first few sessions as they learn to stand up on their own and get moving.

Q. My child wants to play hockey.  Is the CanSkate program right for my child?

A. The CanSkate program is a great learn to skate program that is beneficial for any children wanting to play hockey or figure skate.  Check out this 5 minute video.

Q. I've heard about your Intro Star Program but I'm not sure if its right for my child?

A. Check out our flow chart!  It'll help answer questions you might have.

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On-line registration will open: 

  • Returning members Intro Star, Jr, Int, Sr only on Aug 26 at 6pm
  • New members in Intro Star, Junior, Intermediate and Senior on September 1 at 6 pm
  • Associate members on September 3 at 6 pm
  • Returning Canskate September 9th
  • New Canskate Sept 16th

Payment Options:

1 – Credit Card at time of Registration; (Note; 3.5 % surcharge added to all fees)

2 – Cheque payable to MPPSC (we will accept maximum of 3 post-dated cheques as per dates noted below + Initial EMT Payment)

3 – EMT –


PLEASE NOTE: EMT Payment or Credit Card Payment is required with 72 hours to Hold your registration – Availability is limited this year due to COVID restrictions, so the 72-hour initial payment is mandatory.