New User Tutorials
Are you new here? These video tutorials will help explain how this system works. We suggest everyone review before your first registration session.

General Questions
Yes, an account is required to registered using our online system. In person and mail in registration may be available. Please consult our website for more information.
Registration is normally rolled out in phases. It is possible that your account hasn't been granted access yet. If you believe this is en error, please contact our help team.
The online registration system does not let you alter your registration at this time. If you need to change your program, or sessions, you will need to reach out to a member of the help team.
From the Home page, click on the Review Skater History button next to the skater you require the receipt for. You will be presented with a list of completed registration sessions and individual program receipts. Review whichever you require, and use your web browser print function to print the receipt.

Usually you can press CTRL+P on your keyboard to trigger the printing function.
Removing family linkages currently requires the support from our help team. Please submit a request including why you would like to unlink the family member, and they will be able to take care of it for you.
Changing payment methods after completing registration is currently not supported. Also, credit cards and debit cards are not accepted for drop in registration. It may be possible to create an invoice for your registration to pay online. Contact our help team to explore this possibility.
This system is configured to only allow a skater to be linked to one family account for security reasons. Additionally, only one family account can act on behalf of a skater. We are currently exploring the option to manually link a skater to a second family account. Contact our help team if you would like to explore this possibility.

However, if you simply need to divide payment, you do not need a second family account. If paying offline, one parent can register for the program, and forward one half of the payment to the club, while the other parent forwards the second half. If one or both parents wish to pay with credit cards, you must still select offline payment, and email the details to our help team so that electronic invoices can be created for both parents.
If your clock on your computer is out of sync with the server, your timer may display an inaccurate number of minutes/seconds remaining. However, on the server side you are aloted the correct amount of time. You can adjust your local clock, and start again, or continue without the timer.