Two Mount Pearl skaters are off to the 2008 BMO Skate Canada Eastern Challenge and one Mount Pearl skater set a provincial record at the Sectionals competition in Conception Bay South Nov. 8th weekend.

Ashley Bishop qualified to go to the Eastern Challenge with a 3rd place finish in the Pre Novice category and Hayley Willar-Carter captured 4th in Novice competition which also gives her a birth at the Eastern Challenge. The event takes place this year from December 3rd to 7th in Mississauga Ontario.

In Pre Juvenile Women Grace Woodland set a Provincial Record for her overall score of 23.24. Also Mount Pearl's Miranda Walsh finished 7th in Pre Novice.

On Saturday September 27th the Glacier in Mount Pearl was the site of the 2008 Rebecca Pack Memorial Skate. This year skaters from around the region gathered in this friendly competition. Pictures of all of the medal winners can be found in our image gallery. The Rebecca Pack Memorial Award was given this year to Ashley Morgan of Prince of Wales Skating Club. Here is a list of Mount Pearl skaters that finished with medals:

  • Novice Women Short - Hayley Willar-Carter - Bronze
  • Novice Women Free - Hayley Willar-Carter - Silver
  • Pre-Novice Women Short - Ashley Bishop - Bronze
  • Pre-Novice Women Free - Ashley Bishop - Silver
  • Pre-Juvenile Women - Grace Woodland - Gold
  • Pre-Preliminary Women - Sophia Burke - Silver
  • Preliminary Women 10 and Older - Jennifer Bent - Silver
  • Junior Bronze Women - Julia Chaulker - Silver
  • Senior Bronze Women - Anna Nippard - Gold
  • Senior Bronze Women - Jenna Willas - Silver
  • Gold Free - Krista Burton - Gold

We would like to congratulate the following skaters on their performances at Summer Skate held at Twin Rinks on Saturday August 23:

  • Ashley Bishop: 1st in Novice and 4th in Pre-Novice
  • Miranda Walsh: 5th in Pre-Novice Short and 4th in Pre-Novice Long
  • Grace Woodland: 1st in Pre Juevenile

The Mount Pearl Skating Club is proud of the effort by some its youngest skaters this weekend at the Junior Provincial competition in Conception Bay South. The performance shows the Club is in good hands for the future. Here are the Mount Pearl medal winners. Congratulations to all the skaters!

Preliminary I Women 9 years & younger Group 2
Gold - Katie Sutton

Pre-Preliminary II Women 9 years
Gold – Shawna Brodhagen

Pre-Preliminary I Women 9 years
Bronze – Kirklyn Edison

Canskate Stage 6 Women 9 years
Gold – Shea O’Keefe

Canskate Stage 5 Women 8 years
Silver – Melissa McGettigan

Canskate Stage 5 Women 7 years
Bronze – Julianna Quinn

The Avalon Interclub Competition was held on March 8th at Fieldian Gardens and Mount Pearl proved to be a club with many up and coming skaters. The event mainly featured Pre-Preliminary and Canskate competitors and the Mount Pearl Club brought home 15 Medals including 7 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze! Good job skaters!

Pre-Preliminary I - 9 yrs & 10yrs

  • Bronze - Emily McIlroy

Stage 4 - 6 yrs & younger

  • Gold - Lindsay Edison
  • Silver - Abby Martin

Stage 4 - 7 yrs

  • Bronze - Bailey Collins

Stage 4 - 8yrs

  • Silver - Hayley Whiteway

Stage 4 - 9yrs

  • Gold - Jane Nolan
  • Silver - Danielle Hiscock

Stage 4 - men

  • Gold - Jacob House

Stage 5 - 6 yrs & younger

  • Gold - Janelle Caravan

Stage 5 - 7yrs

  • Bronze - Caroline Sutton

Stage 5 - 10 yrs & older

  • Gold - Jessica Gibbons

Stage 6 - 8 & 9 yrs

  • Gold - Shea O’Keefe

Stage 6 - 10yrs and older

  • Gold - Megan Engram
  • Silver - Meghan Marsh
  • Bronze - Samantha Power

The Mount Pearl Skating Club hosted the World's Finest Chocolate Skate Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Championship's the weekend of Feb. 29th to March 2nd at the Glacier and the event was an all round success. Mount Pearl skaters captured 7 medals; including 6 GOLD medals.

Preliminary Women 9 years/Under - Grace Woodland - GOLD
Junior Bronze Women 11/Under - Anna Nippard - GOLD
Senior Bronze Women 12/Under - Nadine Houlihan - GOLD
Senior Bronze Women 15/Older - Meghan Murphy - GOLD
Senior Silver Women - Krista Burton - GOLD
Juvenile Women - Ashley Bishop - GOLD
Introductory Interpretive - Melissa Jeans - BRONZE

A special congratulations to MEGHAN MURPHY who won the Withers Award for Outstanding Performance!

A big thank you to organizer Dayna Willar and the many volunteers from the local Club ensured the event was an enjoyable competition for all involved and congratulations to all the skaters for a great competition.

This year's Skate Mount Pearl was one of the best ever with skaters from across the province and St. Pierre et Miquelon taking part. More than 150 entrants skated throughout the day at the Mount Pearl Glacier in competitions from Pre Juvenile, Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, Junior, Pre-Juvenile Dance and Special Olympics.

The Mount Pearl Club featured 28 skaters in the competition capturing 9 GOLD, 4 SILVER AND 3 BRONZE. Congratulations to all the entrants!

Once again a huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped to make Skate Mount Pearl a success again this year. Events like this aren't possible without volunteers.

A special thank you to the event's organizer DAYNA WILLAR! Great Job Dayna!

Mount Pearl Medal Winners

Junior Bronze Women 11 Years/Under
Anna Nippard – Gold
Courtney Sweetapple – Bronze

Junior Bronze Women 12/13 Years Group 2
Jenna Wills – Gold
Bethany Decker – Silver

Junior Bronze Women 12/13 Group 1
Courtney Aker – Silver

Junior Bronze Women 14/Older
Melissa Jeans – Gold

Pre-Juvenile Men
Roland Penney – Silver

Preliminary Women 9 Years/Under
Grace Woodland – Gold

Preliminary Women 10 Years
Kelsey Hynes – Gold

Preliminary Women 11 Years Group 2
Renee Skinner – Gold
Krysta Quinn – Bronze

Pre-Preliminary II Women 9 Years
Shawna Brodhagen – Gold

Pre-Preliminary II Women 10 Years/Older
Jennifer Bent – Gold

Pre-Preliminary I Women 7 Years/Under
Sophia Burke – Silver

Pre-Preliminary I Women 8 Years
Keisha Brodhagen – Bronze

Pre-Preliminary I Women 10 Years/Older
Emily McIlroy - Gold

GOLD! GOLD! and more GOLD!
Mount Pearl surges to the forefront of Synchronized Skating in the province! On February 9th at the Provincial School Studio Festival of Synchronized Skating in Grand Falls-Windsor the Mount Pearl Skating Club captured 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver and a Superb 4th Place finish for the Club’s newest and youngest team. Capturing Gold Medals were the Juvenile Starlites, the Novice Starlites and in the Masters Division the Classic Edges. The Junior Starlites captured a Silver and the Pre-Juvenile Starlites finished 4th just out of the medals.
The skaters in all divisions were the pride of the Mount Pearl Skating Club and a THANK YOU to the Coaches, Managers and other organizing volunteers on all the teams.

The synchronized program allows the skaters to sharpen their skills while enjoying the sport of skating in a team atmosphere. The program is supported by countless hours of volunteer efforts by many and the relentless dedication of skaters, parents and supporters. Without volunteers none of this would have been possible.
With the excitement of this year’s program still fresh in the minds of those involved plans are already underway for next year. The Club hopes to expand the program by encouraging more young skaters to join in the fun. Again this year a big thank you to Howie Wills, the Clubs Synchro coordinator...WAY TO GO MOUNT PEARL!!!!

Congratulations to Courtney Sweetapple who won the most artistic skater of the competition, and a big congratulations to all of our skaters who competed this weeked at the Avalon Regionals.

All skaters receiving a medal will represent the club at the 2008 World's Finest Chocolate Skate Canada Provincials which will be held at the Glacier February 29th - March 2nd. If you are interested in helping out at the competition, please click on the Contact Us link on the left, and select "Question about volunteering" or see one of our executive members for more information.

Here is the complete list of results for our club: (Pictures available in the image gallery)

  • Sophia Burke - Gold - Pre Preliminary I Women (7 Years and under)
  • Keisha Brodhagen - Gold - Pre Preliminary I Women (8 Years)
  • Shawna Brodhagen - Gold - Pre Preliminary II Women (9 Years)
  • Blayre Way - Bronze - Pre Preliminary I Women (10 Years and older)
  • Sarah Lewis - 4th - Pre Preliminary I Women (10 Years and older)
  • Katherine Dalton - 7th - Pre Preliminary I Women (10 Years and older)
  • Jennifer Bent - Gold - Pre Preliminary II Women (10 Years and older)
  • Hannah Curran - Silver - Pre Preliminary II Women (10 Years and older)
  • Stephanie Hunt - 4th - Pre Preliminary II Women (10 Years and older)
  • Grace Woodland - Gold - Preliminary Women (9 and under)
  • Katie Sutton - 8th - Preliminary Women (9 and under)
  • Kaitlyn Gladney - 11th - Preliminary Women (9 and under)
  • Kelsey Hynes - 4th (tie) - Preliminary Women (10 Years)
  • Lauren Coombs - 6th (tie) - Preliminary Women (10 Years)
  • Renee Skinner - Silver - Preliminary Women (11 Years)
  • Megan Coombs - 4th (tie) - Preliminary Women (11 Years)
  • Krysta Quinn - 7th - Preliminary Women (11 Years)
  • Anna Nippard - Silver - Junior Bronze Women (11 Years and under)
  • Courtney Sweetapple - Bronze - Junior Bronze Women (11 Years and under)
  • Jenna Wills - Gold - Junior Bronze Women (12 and 13 Years)
  • Bethany Decker - Silver - Junior Bronze Women (12 and 13 Years)
  • Courtney Aker - 4th - Junior Bronze Women (12 and 13 Years)
  • Julia Chalker - 9th - Junior Bronze Women (12 and 13 Years)
  • Melissa Jeans - Silver - Junior Bronze Women (14 and older)
  • Nadine Houlihan - Silver - Senior Bronze Women (12 Years and under)
  • Katie Foster - Gold - Senior Bronze Women (14 Years)
  • Courtney Decker - Silver - Senior Bronze Women (14 Years)
  • Meghan Murphy - Gold - Senior Bronze Women (15 and older)
  • Roland Penney - Silver - Pre Juvenile Men
  • Vanessa Langor - Silver - Open Singles IA Women
  • Hayley Willar - Gold - Open Singles IB Women
  • Miranda Walsh - Bronze - Open Singles IB Women
  • Bethany Decker - 3rd - Introductory Interpretive (Group 1)
  • Laura Gosine - 5th - Introductory Interpretive (Group 1)
  • Melissa Jeans - 2nd - Introductory Interpretive (Group 2)
  • Melissa Jeans - Bronze - Introductory Interpretive (Final)
  • Bethany Decker - 7th - Introductory Interpretive (Final)
  • Courtney Sweetapple - Bronze - Bronze Interpretive

We wish to send Good Luck Wishes to Ashley Bishop who will be traveling to Ottawa this week to compete at the BMO Junior Nationals. Ashley will be representing our Club and the Province in the Juvenile Ladies Event.

Ashley recently represented our club at the Junior Nationals in the Juvenile category whereshe finished 8th.

2007 Sectional Competition Results for Mount Pearl SC

Ashley Bishop

Congratulations to Ashley Bishop who qualified for Junior Nationals in the Juvenile Women category! Here is the complete list of results for our club:

  • Grace Woodland - Gold - Preliminary Women
  • Ashley Bishop - Gold - Juvenile Women
  • Hayley Willar - 7th - Pre-Novice Women
  • Miranda Walsh - 8th - Pre-Novice Women

Rebecca Pack Memorial Friendship Skate Competition Results (2007)

Congratulations to all of our skaters who participated in this competition held October 6th.

A special congratulations goes out to Grace Woodland who won "The Rebecca Pack Memorial Award". This award is given to the skater who (in the opinion of the judges) demonstrates tenacity, a love of skating, and good sportsmanship.

Here is a list of all skaters and the results:
Grace Woodland - Preliminary Women 9 years and Under - Gold
Anna Nippard - Junior Bronze Women 11 years and Under - Gold
Jenna Wills - Junior Bronze Women 12 years and Over - Gold
Courtney Aker - Junior Bronze Women 12 years and Over - Bronze
Meghan Murphy - Senior Bronze Women - Gold
Nadine Houlihan - Senior Bronze Women - Bronze
Krista Burton - Senior Silver Women - Gold
Ashley Bishop - Juvenile Women - Gold
Miranda Walsh - Pre-Novice Women Short
Hayley Willar - Pre-Novice Women Short
Miranda Walsh - Pre-Novice Women Free
Hayley Willar - Pre-Novice Women Free