Program Assistants

All skaters that are 12 years old as of August 31st before the start of the regular season and have passed the Preliminary Freeskate test or Star 3 complete Freeskate test are required to be a Program Assistant.

All skaters who are eligible to be a Program Assistant and skate only 1 or 2 sessions a week (including synchro) must do a minimum of 1 session per week or pay an extra $100 at registration for a 22-week period. All skaters who are eligible to be a Program Assistant and skate 3 or more days a week, including synchro, must do a minimum of 2 sessions per week or pay an extra $200 at registration for a 22 week period.

NOTE: Any skater that has completed the CanSkate course is still expected to fulfill the PA requirement unless they have applied to the club and have been given a position and added to the coaching rooster for Pre-CanSkate and/or CanSkate. If a skater is not on the coaching roster within the club they MUST be a Program Assistant, however they do not have to attend the PA Clinic.

All skaters under the age of 12 who are interested in helping on Pre-CanSkate sessions will be considered after all those skaters required to PA have been placed on sessions.

All Program Assistants will be credited $5 toward the next year's registration for every session that they are in attendance for. Program Assistants are required to attend 70% of every session they are signed up for (7 of every 10 week session they are slotted in for), otherwise they will not receive any credits.

All Program Assistants must be on the ice at the start of CanSkate session. If the Program Assistant is not on the ice at the beginning of CanSkate session, they will marked as late and will not be credited.

Program Assistant Incentive Programs:

1. Program Assistants of the Session (Both Fall and Winter)

Each session a PA will be chosen based on the criteria below and provided a $50 gift card. For the 2018-19 season there will be 5 of these awarded at Christmas and 5 awarded at the end of the year for a total of 10.

Any individual PA can receive this award multiple times within the same year/Fall or Winter session.

2. Program Assistant of the Year Award (1 Annually)

Program Assistant Selection Criteria - PAs will be chosen by the Professional Coaches based on the following criteria;

  • Attendance – being on the ice on time for the session and being at your scheduled sessions.
  • Attitude and respect towards the professional coaches, other program assistants, parents and children
  • Group movement – keeping the children moving
  • Using initiative leadership
  • Wearing clothing as provided by the club for the Program Assistant