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  • Update on Walk-in Registration Today

    Posted in Notices, Registration on Aug 27, 2016.

    Based on walk-in registration volume, we will be closing walk-in registration today at 2pm. Online registration will re-open on Monday, August 29th at 9:00am for current members.

  • Online Registration Shut Down!

    Posted in Notices, Registration on Aug 27, 2016.

    Online registration is shut down due to technical difficulties. Walk-in registration will be available today for current members at the Glacier Rink 1, in the Hospitality Room until 4pm. MPPSC apologizes for any inconvenience

  • Online and Walk-in Registration Tomorrow, Aug. 27th for Returning Pre-can and Canskate Members

    Posted in Notices, Registration on Aug 26, 2016.

    This is a reminder that Online Registration and Walk in Registration for Pre-can and Canskate starts at 10am, tomorrow morning, Saturday, August 27th for returning members only.

    Walk in Registration will be from 10am to 2pm at the Glacier, Rink 1 in the Hospitality Room.

  • Notice for Open Registration - Junior, Intermediate & Senior

    Posted in Notices, Registration on Aug 23, 2016.

    Mount Pearl-Paradise Skating Club is accepting new members for Junior, Intermediate & Senior sessions starting at 9am on Wednesday, August 24, 2016; Interested skaters should contact the following web site; for instructions to set up a Family Account and Register.

  • Choosing The Right Program For Your Child

    Posted in Notices, Registration on Aug 18, 2016.

    If your skater is not able to get up and down on their own and get around the ice in some fashion (shuffle or walk) unassisted, then please register for the PRECANSKATE program. The Precanskate program is slower pace and allows for small groups to work together. In the first few weeks the skaters may spend a lot of time sitting on the ice as we work to get everyone up and moving, but generally after 2-3 sessions you will see progress. If you chose to put your child in the Canskate program and are not able to move around unassisted please know that the structure of the program is faster paced and requires constant movement from start to finish, so a skater that is not able to get around in some fashion on their own can become very overwhelmed and have a very bad experience. We do not have the resources for one on one attention on any program so chosing the right program certainly helps the success of your child.

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